Listen carefully to the customer's needs, any service request within the scope of the project


 Service response

Accept the customer's demand at the first time, solve the problem as quickly as possible, start the emergency plan in case of emergencies, and ensure that the customer system returns to normal as soon as possible.


Quality Supervision

Formulate relevant service level agreements to ensure the quality of services, evaluate whether the provision of services is normal through satisfaction surveys, and conduct internal quality supervision.


Customer maintenance

Carry out active service for customer system, find and solve system hidden dangers, optimize system performance, and put forward reasonable improvement and upgrade suggestions.

 After sales service commitment and service system: our company promises as follows:

(1) Our company guarantees that the products provided are brand new and fully meet the quality, specification and performance requirements agreed in the contract.

(2) The warranty period of the products invested by our company is 2 years. During the warranty period, if the quality of the goods is inconsistent with the contract or the goods are proved to be defective, including potential defects or the use of materials that do not meet the requirements, they will be replaced for the user free of charge.

(3) Our company has reliable after-sales service guarantee. If the products are damaged by non-human damage during use, they will be repaired and replaced in time and free of charge during the warranty period.

(4) After sales service personnel make regular return visits, collect and sort out customer opinions, establish a perfect after-sales service information system, eliminate hidden troubles in time and solve problems in time.

(5) Service response time: after receiving the customer's notice, the after-sales service personnel will respond within 30 minutes, arrive at the site 24 hours to check the fault, and provide 7 * 24 round the clock service.

(6) The company divides the response level according to the situation and provides support. Response level:

Priority 1: the product cannot work, affecting customer business.

Priority 2: the product can work, but some functions fail and the performance decreases, but the user's business will not be interrupted.

(7) Telephone technical support will answer all kinds of technical questions from customers at any time, and general questions will be guaranteed to be solved within the same day. When there is no ready-made solution to the problem, we respond according to priority.


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