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Scientific and technological innovation, excellence and perfection

Hebei Weijia disinfection equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional disinfection equipment enterprise integrating the development, development, production, sales and after-sales service of plasma air disinfection and purification, circulating air and other technologies. The main products are plasma air disinfector series (wall mounted, mobile, vertical cabinet). It is mainly used for air disinfection in medical units, pharmaceuticals, food, blood stations, hotels, laboratories and other places.

The company was founded in 2015, after a series of preparatory construction, has built the corresponding scale of production base, enough to ensure the market demand.

 Hebei Weijia

Jiweijia brand plasma air disinfector produced by our company has three national patents, and the sterilization rate is 99.99% after testing. The plasma disinfection factor was tested in the Institute of plasma physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The company will be committed to technological innovation, excellence, the spirit of the pursuit of perfection, good products. And to high quality service, looking forward to your cooperation.

 Hebei Weijia

Cultural concept

 Win the recognition and trust of partners 

Establish industry standard, build industry standard company
Scientific design, reliable products, good after-sales
To provide stable and reliable, cost-effective, perfect service products

Marketing and service 

Perfect service to open up global market

Response system: accept customer's needs, solve problems as soon as possible, start emergency plan in case of emergency, and ensure the customer system to return to normal as soon as possible.

Customer needs: any service request within the scope of the project, including consultation, problem application, complaint and suggestion, etc.

Maintenance system: provide active service to customer system, find and solve system hidden trouble, optimize system performance, and put forward reasonable improvement and upgrade suggestions.

Quality supervision system: formulate relevant service level agreement to ensure the quality of service, evaluate whether the service is provided normally through satisfaction survey, and conduct internal quality supervision.

 Hebei Weijia


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