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  • You need a plasma air disinfector!!
    "Can 2020 be restarted?" It's not clear if you have that idea, but the brief opening of this year has made many people feel long and tired. The outbreak of New Coronavirus, from Wuhan to the city, from Hubei to the province, to all parts of the country, the closure of the city, the closure of the village, and the closure of the business.
  • The harm of air pollution to children
    According to the experts' research and analysis, the incidence rate of asthma in children is 2%-5%, and the incidence rate of asthma among children under five years old and below is 85%. It is urgent to pay attention to the health of children and to deal with the harm caused by environmental pollution to children. Urban residents in China study and work and live indoors every day, which lasts more than 20 hours, which can account for more than 90% of the whole day time. The indoor environmental pollution degree is usually many times higher than outdoor pollution. Generally speaking, the main objects of this harm are children, pregnant women and the elderly and the weak, especially children, who are more vulnerable to the related hazards. Because the young people and children are in the growth and development period, their physiological function is not mature enough, and their breathing capacity is about 50% higher than that of adults.
  • Disinfection mode of medical air disinfector
    Plasma air disinfection machine, using a wide range of disinfection and sterilization technology, is very effective for the prevention of drug resistance of bacteria. It can kill microorganisms in hospital air quickly, efficiently and without dead angle, and can effectively block the spread of virus in hospital air.
  • Which is better than air disinfector?
    With the continuous aggravation of environmental pollution, more and more people realize the necessity of air quality. Many people think that if we can't find a solution to outdoor gas, we should at least create a healthy natural environment for our relatives. In that background, air purifiers and air disinfectors have gradually become essential electrical products in many homes. As two products favored by many customers, what is the difference between them? Today, let's take you to have a good understanding!
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