Coil air disinfector

Jiweijia plasma fan coil air disinfection and purification machine

Jiweijia plasma fan coil air disinfection and purification machine

Product application scope: Medical and health: hospital ward, operating room, diagnosis and treatment room, infusion room, examination room, ICU ward, NICU ward, decontamination area of supply room, inspection packaging and sterilization area, sterile article storage area, low-temperature sterilization and other environments. Others: biopharmaceutical, food workshop, office building, meeting room, school, canteen, restaurant and other public places. Necessity of purchase: 1、 Plasma air disinfector to improve indoor sanitary conditions (1) Plasma air disinfection machine is an upgraded version of medical air disinfection machine. Plasma air disinfection machine is aimed at the environment of man-machine coexistence. Plasma air disinfection function can effectively meet the disinfection standard, and there is no harm to human body. It can be said that the plasma air disinfection machine will not corrode medical equipment in the disinfection process, and it is tasteless and radiation-free. It can effectively purify the air and provide a clean and hygienic environment for indoor places. (2) Now, with the improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for the quality of living environment have become higher and higher, and the application of air disinfectors has become more and more extensive. Air disinfectors can be seen in many places. With the increase of China's annual investment in medical treatment, more and more new medical equipment are applied to hospitals, The appearance of plasma air disinfector has improved the indoor environmental conditions of the hospital. After using the plasma air disinfector, the hospital effectively reduces the transmission rate of respiratory diseases, and provides a good environment for the majority of medical patients. (3) Plasma air disinfector is configured to dynamically sterilize and purify the air, which can reduce but not limited to respiratory tract infection, postoperative wound infection, etc. The use of plasma air disinfection machine can more effectively control bacterial infection, reduce the infection rate and improve the clinical treatment effect. (4) In indoor places, Staphylococcus albus, pneumococcus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis and viruses are everywhere. Plasma air disinfector has excellent control over aerosols and bacteria, effectively sterilizes and purifies indoor air, and creates a safe and reliable environment for staff. 2、 Main functions of medical air disinfector (1) Purify the air: quickly decompose the decoration polluted gas and remove the peculiar smell: quickly remove all kinds of harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, hydrogen and chlorine released by the decoration materials and their peculiar smell, such as smoke, fishy smell and odor in the air, and kill the fine bacteria in the air at the same time. The fine dust suspended in the air is positively charged. Negative ions can eliminate static electricity, attract suspended fine dust to the ground, purify the air and promote the balance of positive and negative ions. It can quickly purify indoor air. (2) Disinfection and sterilization: it can quickly kill all pathogenic microorganisms such as bacterial propagules, spore fungi and bacteria, and achieve a complete disinfection effect on indoor air and articles. 3、 Economic level (1) The working energy consumption of plasma disinfection device is only about 10W. It can quickly achieve 120m ³ Disinfection and purification of indoor space. The service life is more than 40000 hours. If the disinfection work is 4 hours a day, the service life is equivalent to more than 27 years. (2) During the period of air disinfection and purification, the plasma air disinfector will not produce other substances harmful to human body and equipment, so as to avoid secondary indoor pollution. (3) There are more than 3 groups of program-controlled, which can be disinfected regularly, and has the function of automatic accumulation of working time. The modular design is convenient for users to maintain, and there are fault alarm of plasma sterilization and purification module and filter cleaning and maintenance alarm. Humanized design greatly reduces human investment and improves work efficiency.


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